Water World

Water is a natural material which cannot be replaced and it is the fountainhead of all life on earth.

Water is found as surface water, spring water and ground water. It is used as drinking water, service water, fire water or waste water as well and due to its ingredients it is called e. g. mineral water, salt water and fresh water.
71 % of the earth’s surface consists of water. The complete water on earth amounts to about 1.4 billion cubic metres of which only 0.6 % are available as drinking water. The quality of the drinking water is regulated by the government (in Germany through  the Drinking Water Decree).

Drinking water decree (valid in Germany from 1 January 2003).

Aims of the drinking water decree: “The purpose of the decree is to protect the human health from the harmful effects which result from the contamination of water meant for the human consumption by ensuring its consumable status and purity in accordance with the regulations.”

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Dealing with the irreplace- able resource of water.