BEVISTON Cleaning and Maintenance System (BEVISTON CMS) is a special mixing container for the dental cleaning agents Bevisto W1 and Bevisto W2 (capacity of BEVISTON CMS: 2 litres).

On its top BEVISTON CMS disposes of a high-grade stainless steel plate where three tube adapters (two adapters for saliva ejector aspiration tubes and one adapter for the aerosol aspiration tube) are included. The lower end sections of the tube adapters dispose of transparent plastic tubes which reach the 1 litre mark within the BEVISTON CMS container.

BEVISTON CMS disposes of a stainless steel bottom including a rubber edge providing stability and slip resistance when working with it.

For correct dosage fill either the products Bevisto W1 (5 % per 1 liter of water) or Bevisto W2 (2 % per 1 liter of water) from the respective unit (e. g. dosage bottle or can) into BEVISTON CMS and fill up with 2 litres of warm water (temperature: about 40 – 60 °C). Read off the filling level from the scale of BEVISTON CMS.

Afterwards connect the dental aspiration tubes to the adapters of BEVISTON CMS mentioned above so that the respective cleaning solution (either Bevisto W1 or Bevisto W2) can be rinsed into the aspiration system.

After 1 litre of cleaning liquid has been rinsed through the aspiration tubes into the dental aspiration system, fill the remaining litre contained in BEVISTON CMS carefully and gradually into the spittoon bowl. This is for maintaining the spittoon bowl and the spittoon draining filter unit underneath as well as the further aspiration tubes.

We recommend carrying out the cleaning of the dental aspiration lines at least twice a day (at noon and in the evening). When starting work the next day we recommend rinsing again the aspiration lines with water (e. g. by operating the spittoon bowl rinsing). As a result residues detached by Bevisto W1 and or Bevisto W2 overnight will be rinsed out.

Moreover we recommend checking, cleaning or ex-changing the filters of the appropriate dental unit and/ or the dental aspiration system daily for detached dirt residues (like e. g. detached biofilm residues, etc.) in accordance to the instructions of the respective manufacturer.

Further information:
At the outer wall of the container there is a measuring scale as well as icons describing the handling BEVISTON CMS in pictures and words.

BEVISTON CMS - cleaning and maintenance System