Hydrotherapy/ Balneotechnology

Contaminated therapeutical water in hydrotherapy can become a health risk for patients! Protective measures are obligatory!

After each therapeutical use residues such as danders, hair, fat, ichor and sometimes excrements are left in the remaining water of the pumps. After a short time the biofilm has already formed in the bath pumps which is the cause for the following contamination of the fresh therapeutical water. So it is a high risk of infection for each patient!

The biofilm and the residues have to be removed regularly. Through the daily cleaning and maintenance of the bath pumps with PU-RE 1, the liquid concentrate with the particularly high and careful cleaning effect, even the persistent residues are removed from the pump cycle. The result is drinking water quality according to the guidelines of the German drinking water decree for treating and for that reason protecting the patients.

PU-RE 1 is very suitable for the basic cleaning of old therapeutical tubs which often have a very high charge of microbes.

Areas of application

In the field of medical disinfection high demands are made on effective disinfecting preparations. Contaminated medical devices can lead to serious infections in individual cases.
BEVISTON offers a wide range of professional cleaning, hygiene and care products which characterize themselves by a particular user- and environment-friendliness.
The skin and hand hygiene is to be understood the most important measure in order to prevent cross infections in the infection chain. The contact with many substances and materials used in medical areas means a high stress factor for the human skin.