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The demand on very effective cleaning and disinfecting preparations in general and dental medecine is particularly high. Contaminated medical devices such as instruments or medical equipment can be the cause of cross infections of people. For that reason a broad sphere of activity as well as an efficient cleaning power with a high compatibility with materials are the basis for safe and user-friendly working with the hygiene preparations designed for this area. They also characterize themselves by environmental compatibility and a preferably low contents of dangerous substances. All BEVISTON products are completely free of phenols and aldehydes.

Aspiration-System Cleaner
Through several stages of development - BEVISTON has finalized two aldehyde- and phenol-free high-efficient aspiration-system cleaners. Moreover both foam-inhibited cleaners show an excellent material-compatibility even with very sensitive materials. 
In the field of medical disinfection high demands are made on effective disinfecting preparations. Contaminated medical devices can lead to serious infections in individual cases.  
BEVISTON offers a wide range of professional cleaning, hygiene and care products which characterize themselves by a particular user- and environment-friendliness.  
The skin and hand hygiene is to be understood the most important measure in order to prevent cross infections in the infection chain. The contact with many substances and materials used in medical areas means a high stress factor for the human skin.